I’ve known Sue for many, many years, and she was a huge part of saving my life from chronic Lyme disease. When I was bedridden and at a loss for what to do, her direction and guidance helped me to get back to the land of the living. Her knowledge and wisdom is invaluable.

Suzy R Sinclair

I came to Dr. Sue with a prostate level (PSA) of 26.8. After consulting with Dr. Sue, weeks later my PSA level went to 4.2. I am so thankful I found her when I did.

S.A., 64

I was diagnosed by my medical doctor as having Renal Carcinoma and I had 30 nodules on my lungs. I made an appointment with Dr. Sue and began a protocol. My health is better than ever!

T.S., male

I was diagnosed with Lyme and Babesia. The ongoing battle to achieve optimum health and wellness seemed unattainable. I also suffered from severe insomnia. I came to Dr. Sue and I am feeling great and sleeping like a baby!

M.M, age 43

Since my 20’s, I felt fluttering and pain in my heart. I’ve been to many cardiologists and after review of my echocardiograms, they would all say the same things like “Your heart just beats differently”, “Your heart’s electricity is all out of whack, and “Your case is just not textbook.” Dr. Sue did an HSR (Heart Sound Recorder) on me and explained my rate, rhythm and tone. Having a high profile, executive job in NYC, my stress was at a maximum. I would need to consume a lot of coffee throughout the day to keep up with my hours and now I don’t drink any coffee. My heart and energy level is the best it’s been; I am so grateful for Dr. Sue!

James, 44

In all my dealings with Dr. Sue, I have always been extremely satisfied with her awesome level of service and knowledge. She is ALWAYS punctual and IMMEDIATELY responsive. My health has improved 200% since under her fabulous care. As an executive director of a very well-established professional women’s business networking group, I consider Dr. Sue one of the nicest and most empathic professionals whom I am blessed to know. I would NEVER hesitate to recommend Dr. Sue to any of my colleagues and family.

Debbie Jurek-Downie

My two children and I were diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014. Chronic Lyme and its co-infections have been an ongoing battle, especially since both my kids are heavily into sports and I have seen multiple tick bites. Dr. Sue realizes the complexity of Lyme and its’ co-infections and how to work holistically in helping my family. I am so glad I found her and I fully trust her with the health of my kids. We are all on the road to wellness because of her guidance.

M.C., 43, Kids 12 & 14

Disclaimer: The above are real life testimonies. Results vary patient to patient. Dr. Sue does not diagnose, treat or replace conventional medicine or medical treatment. If anyone has a medical condition, they must seek medical attention.

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